With so many variations and beautiful decorations such as fresh fruits and berries, fresh flowers, golf foiling, French macarons, meringues and ganache or caramel drips, to name but a few, you will be spoilt for choice. Please feel free to browse our gallery, our Instagram page or come to us with some design inspiration of your own.

Buttercream cakes can present themselves as a naked cake, a semi naked cake or a full covering in buttercream.

A naked cake is layers of sponges sandwiched with buttercream and filling with each layer fully visible from he outside. These cakes look fabulous with fresh fruits, powdered sugar and fresh flowers.

A semi naked cake has a thin layer of buttercream surrounding each tier of sponge, similar to that of the naked cake. But allowing for a sharp edge and clean look, this is definitely our most popular choice of buttercream wedding cake.

Full buttercream cakes can present themselves with either a clean sharp edge or with a rustic finish. Each looks fantastic with foiling details, drips and other beautiful decorative elements.

Please feel free to click on any image to give you an idea on the cost of that particular design.

Our buttercream cakes are priced at

Small 3 tiers to feed 70 guests- starting from £425.00

Large 3 tiers to feed 120 guests- starting from £475.00

Small 4 tiers to feed 135 guests- starting from £550.00

Large 4 tiers to feed 200 guests- starting from £625.00

Please contact use for a full quote.